About HACEY Charity

The HACEY Charity is a development organization focused on improving the health and productivity of vulnerable and underserved populations in Africa, HACEY's vision is to create a healthy and sustainable society for all.

As a direct response to young people's mental health needs, including those in the workplace environment, academic institutions and communities, the HACEY charity developed the Mental Health and Productivity program. The information and support services provided through the program focused on increasing awareness of mental health and mental health services, addressing myths that perpetuate discrimination. and stigma against people with mental health conditions and the effects of cyberbullying. As a result the programme was able to provide mental health support and referral centers across six geopolitical zones in Nigeria, deliver various podcasts covering issues on mental health, provide awareness building workshops and develop and distribute educational materials on mental health.

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About Magnified Influencer Awards

The Magnified Influencer Awards recognise the contributions that influencers make to our society.

We want to celebrate individuals that have been making an impact not only on social media but worldwide.

The Magnified Influencer Awards ceremony honours our carefully selected categories, appreciating and encouraging them for their excellent work.

Mental health and wellbeing are at the heart of what we do. We aim to collaborate with charities and local community groups committed to helping people in their local community.

Together we want to raise awareness of mental health to Support, Empower, Improve, Enable and create Opportunities for those who experience mental health problems.

If you are interested in collaborating for this project to see people affected by mental health issues live the best life possible, we would love to hear from you.